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Project SEXUS: A Study on Sexual Behavior and Health in Denmark

Project SEXUS: A Study on Sexual Behavior and Health in Denmark

Project SEXUS is a nationwide cohort study on sexual behavior and health in Denmark that launched in 2017. Dr. Christian Graugaard presented key findings from this study that shed light on the sexual landscapes of the general Danish population at the 23rd Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA/23rd ISSM Scientific Meeting. Of note, 8 out of 10 respondents (and 9 out of 10 male respondents) indicated that a healthy sex life including masturbation was very important to them. However, just over half (55%) of the respondents rated their sex life as “good” or “very good.” These findings suggest that there could be a need for programs that enhance sexuality.

What Is Asexuality?

What Is Asexuality?

Human sexuality, or the way that people experience and express themselves sexually, exists on a spectrum. This means that people’s sexual identities and orientations are complex and not easily classified into distinct groups. Rather, they exist on a continuum or scale that spans from one endpoint to another.

Maintenance Laser Treatment May Temporarily Improve Vaginal Looseness, According to New Study

Maintenance Laser Treatment May Temporarily Improve Vaginal Looseness, According to New Study

A sense of vaginal looseness and/or reduced sensation during intercourse is a common sexual complaint among premenopausal women. For some women, this may feel like a decrease in friction during vaginal sex, either during thrusting or initial penetration.

Genital Sensitivity in Transgender Women After Gender-Affirming Surgery

Genital Sensitivity in Transgender Women After Gender-Affirming Surgery


Gender dysphoria is the distress that a person may experience when their gender identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth. Gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) and gender-affirming surgery (GAS) are two treatment options that aim to align the characteristics of an individual with their gender identity. Studies suggest that these two medical interventions can reduce distress and improve the quality of life of people who are experiencing gender dysphoria.

How Long Is Considered Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation occurs when a man requires an extended period of sexual stimulation (22 minutes or more) to orgasm and ejaculate.

Letter from the ISSM President Annamaria Giraldi

Dear Members,

Time is flying!

In a few weeks I will end my period as president of our society. As it often happens in life, it is strange how quickly time passes by. It feels like minutes ago that I took over, and now the term is running out.

It gives me the opportunity to reflect over the status of our society.

We are as a society doing very well despite the many crises the world has faced and face right now. In contrast to many other societies, we currently have the highest number of members ever (3000+) and our numbers are still growing. Our 3 journals’ impact factors have gone up as well, as are the number of papers that we publish. We have initiated new initiatives like our monthly webinars, who are still very well attended, expanded our Online University and importantly decided to have annual scientific meetings instead of biennial scientific meetings. All these initiatives and developments reflects a vibrant and growing society with active and dedicated members from all around the world, dedicated committee chairs, committee members, and editors of our journals all helped by the professional and strong support from our office Status Plus. I feel extremely proud of our society every time I attend our webinars, open our journals, see the expansion of the university, receive the reports from our hard-working committees, participate in meetings with our regional societies and receive personal messages from members from every corner of the world.

Just as the world is changing, our society has changed during the last years and will continue to do so in the future. As you know our society originates as an association dedicated to impotence research with a very strong connection to urology. We still have this strong connection to urology and shall continue to have it. But the field of sexual medicine has evolved and so have we. The focus of our society has shifted from being solely erectile dysfunction-focused towards addressing the whole spectrum of human sexuality male, female, and non-gender specific. Our current vision underwrites that evolution as it states that “Every human being has the right to a healthy and satisfying sexual life.” This is reflected in many of our initiatives and very visible in the varied and highly interesting program for our World Meeting in Miami in a few weeks.

I want to thank the scientific co-chairs Alan Shindel and Linda Vignozzi and the scientific committee for their hard work, and also thank the SMSNA for the collaboration on this meeting – ISSM is nothing without the regional societies. It will be wonderful to meet in person again – see old friends and colleagues, get new friends, learn from the many inspiring talks, and bring a lot of knowledge back to clinical work and research.  And we are already planning the 2023 World Meeting on Sexual Medicine which will be in Dubai, UAE, from December 15-17, 2023 in collaboration with the MESSM.

One matter I hope we will do better in the future is to attract more members to run for positions in the ISSM Board of Directors and the ISSM Executive Committee. I hope that we in the future will have more representations with candidates from all over the world, of both sexes and representing a diversity of specialities. Please consider if you would like to run in 2024 – and always feel free to contact me or the office so we can plan to have a list of candidates for the next election.

So, when I will be handing the position as president to Gerald Brock in a few weeks it is a growing, developing, and vibrant society with thousands of dedicated members. It is also a society with many new initiatives on its way. Soon we will have two systematic reviews from our consultation and guideline committees on New Regenerative Interventions in Sexual Medicine and on Female Genitopelvic Pain, the efforts of many ours hard work, we are working on re-establishing our in person International Consultation Meeting on Sexual Medicine (ICSM) and the ISSM Executive Committee is working on an ISSM diversity, equity and inclusion guidance helped by the ethics committee. Gerald Brock will update you shortly on other new initiatives coming up.

I look forward continuing as Past President for the next two years, to work with the new EC, board and Gerry Brock as president and maybe to get a bit more time with the family.

It has been such an inspiring two years and an honour and pleasure to work with all of you - a heartfelt THANK YOU!

I look forward to welcoming you all in Miami soon!

Warm regards,

Annamaria Giraldi
President ISSM

What Is Type D Personality, and How Might It Relate to Erectile Dysfunction?

What Is Type D Personality, and How Might It Relate to Erectile Dysfunction?

Different people are prone to different personality traits due to heredity and environmental factors. Psychologists and social scientists have grouped some of these features into distinct personality types so as to gain a better understanding of the diverse preferences, motivations, and behaviors of a group of people.

What Are Some Complications of Buried Penis?

Buried penis is a medical condition in which the penis becomes hidden under excess genital or abdominal fat tissues. Though the penis may otherwise be normal in terms of size and function, its buried state makes it internal rather than external, presenting a number of sexual and overall health problems for the individual who is affected.

Warning Message - Fake Email message from ISSM President

Warning Message - Fake Email message from ISSM President

This message is to inform you that currently a fake email account for the ISSM President Annamaria Giraldi is being used, requesting to respond to ‘asking your help with some logistics matter on behalf of ISSM’.

Please note that this account is NOT an email account from the ISSM president and please do not reply or click on any links in this message. It is best to delete it directly. If you reply to the email, they will send you even more messages and try to get you convinced to transfer money. This method is called a smart form of phishing.


Phishing is a form of online scamming using fake e-mails, websites or messages. How can you identify those fake e-mails and how can you distinguish them from real messages? Smart cybercriminals can really make you doubt. Here are a number of tips to help you assess whether or not you can trust a message.

The basic rule: Cyber criminals always try to abuse something you believe in or someone you trust. They also often try to use fear to achieve their ends. Do not get tricked!


Did you get a suspicious e-mail or phone call? Then answer these questions:

  • Is it unexpected? - You received a message for no reason: you did not buy anything, have not had contact with them for a long time, etc. Investigate further.
  • Is it urgent? - Stay calm: did you really get a first reminder to pay? Do you know that 'friend in need'?
  • Do you know the person who sent the e-mail? - Check the e-mail address, and also check for spelling errors. However, beware: a legitimate e-mail address is no guarantee.
  • Do you find the request strange? - An official body will never ask you for your password, bank details or personal details via e-mail, SMS or over the telephone.
  • Where does the link you need to click on lead to? - Hover over the link with your mouse. Is the domain name, the word before “.be”, “.com”, “.eu”, “.org”, etc. and before the very first slash "/", really the organization’s name?
  • Are you being personally addressed? - Be wary of messages using general and vague titles, or your e-mail address to address you.
  • Does the message contain many linguistic errors? - Although seasoned cybercriminals tend to use language correctly, language errors or a foreign language can indicate a suspicious message.

If you are in doubt about emails you receive from ISSM (now or in the future) or have any questions/concerns, please always contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at: +31 75 647 63 72.

Kind regards,

ISSM Secretariat

Does Genital Size Impact Genital Self-Image?

Does Genital Size Impact Genital Self-Image?

Previous research indicates that most people are satisfied with or at least feel neutral about their genitalia. Nevertheless, some individuals are not satisfied with their genitalia, and this situation can have negative consequences on their mental and sexual health.

How Does Menopause Affect Sexuality?

How Does Menopause Affect Sexuality?

Menopause is the point of time in a woman’s life when she stops having her period. It is defined as not having a menstrual cycle for 12 months. There is also a transition time leading up to menopause called perimenopause, during which women may experience lighter and less frequent periods as well as symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, headaches, vaginal dryness, and others.

How Might a Person’s Age at Their Sexual Debut Impact Their Sexual Health?

How Might a Person’s Age at Their Sexual Debut Impact Their Sexual Health?

Having sexual intercourse for the first time at a younger age has been shown to be associated with adverse sexual health outcomes. However, the authors of a recent study contend that defining a person’s sexual debut as the first time they have intercourse offers a narrow view of their sexual development and experiences. Therefore, they decided to reexamine the sexual health outcomes of a younger sexual debut using broader definitions of each variable.


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