The main objectives of the ICSM are to help transform evolving new data into knowledge, knowledge into recommendations and recommendations into improved patient care. The final systematic review document will be the result of evidence-based medicine, complimented by vast clinical experience and our enhanced understanding of disease processes, which can impact sexual health.


Review the current state of knowledge in sexual medicine;
Develop algorithms and widely accepted strategies for diagnostic and therapeutic management of the various areas of sexual medicine;
Identify, evaluate and endorse optimal international questionnaires and instruments (symptom scores…) which aid in the evaluation of sexual medicine; and
Standardize response criteria and recommendations for clinical research and clinical studies in sexual medicine.

The ISSM Consultation and Guidelines Committee is responsible to develop systematic reviews on predefined topics and to select other editorial formats in key areas where research is still incipient. Click here for more information on the ISSM Consultation and Guidelines Committee.

Systematic Reviews of Interventions in Healthcare

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Consultations currently running

New Regenerative Interventions in Sexual Medicine

Chaired by Ranjith Ramasamy (USA) and co-chaired by Christian Nelson (USA).

Committee members:

  • Trinity Bivalacqua (USA)
  • Carla Costa (Portugal)
  • Ahmed El-Sakka (Egypt)
  • Fernando Facio (Brazil)
  • Irwin Goldstein (USA)
  • Taylor Kohn (USA)
  • Tom Lue (USA)
  • Juan Ignacio Martinez Salamanca (Spain)
  • Du Geon Moon (Korea)
  • Kwangsung Park (Korea)
  • Omer Raheem (USA)
  • Vaibhav Vishal (India)

Female Genitopelvic Pain

Chaired by Caroline F. Pukall (Canada).

Committee members:

  • Sophie Bergeron (Canada)
  • Marieke Dewitte (The Netherlands)
  • Andrew Goldstein (USA)
  • Dee Hartmann (USA)
  • Susan Kellogg-Spadt (USA)
  • Jill Krapf (USA)
  • Fillippo Murina (Italy)

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and Hypersexuality

Chaired by Peer Briken (Germany).

Committee members:

  • Beáta Bőthe (Canada)
  • Eli Coleman (USA)
  • Shane Kraus (USA)
  • James Pfaus (Canada)
  • Michal Lew Starowicz (Poland)

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