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The ISSM Online University is the official eLearning portal of the ISSM. As ISSM's official eLearning portal, the ISSM Online University will help promote global education in sexual medicine. It will be especially impactful in developing countries, where its easy web-access means that any health care professional interested in sexual medicine, will be able to expand their knowledge and improve their skill set.

The ISSM Online University provides state-of-the-art lectures, meeting webcasts, on-demand webinars, reports from the ICSM consultations and the Curriculum on Sexual Medicine.

ISSM Curriculum

The ISSM Curriculum includes access to ISSM online courses. The objective of these courses is to increase the knowledge of health care providers who are interested in sexual medicine. The courses correspond to and support the curriculum established by the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee in Sexual Medicine (MJCSM Curriculum) to standardize key topics for sexual medicine education. After completing a module, you will receive an ISSM certificate of completion.


The Curriculum on Sexual Medicine has now more than 30 modules published and the ISSM Education Committee continues to work on adding more modules to the ISSM Curriculum in the coming months. The modules are divided into two different categories:


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