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ISSM Patient Information Sheet on Premature Ejaculation

This leaflet is intended to provide men with evidence-based information about PE, so that they can make informed choices about their options to improve their sexual well-being. If you are concerned that you might have PE, you may wish to complete the self-assessment questionnaire at the end of this leaflet and discuss the results with your physician.


ISSM Quick Reference Guide on Premature Ejaculation

In 2014, the ISSM Premature Ejaculation Guidelines Committee introduced a unified (for both lifelong and acquired subtypes of Premature Ejaculation) definition of Premature Ejaculation that states “Premature Ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by.... 


ISSM Patient Information Sheet on Testosterone Deficiency for Men

Testosterone Deficiency (TD; sometimes called Androgen Deficiency) occurs when the testes do not produce enough testosterone. Much more rarely, the problem is that the body is unable to respond to testosterone. Around one in twenty men have TD.


ISSM Quick Reference Guide on Testosterone Deficiency for Men

“Testosterone deficiency (TD) is a clinical and biochemical syndrome characterized by a deficiency of testosterone, or testosterone action, and relevant symptoms and signs.” To make a diagnosis of TD, affected men must have symptoms of TD.


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