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Impact Factor 3.5 (2022) – 12 issues per year

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Impact Factor 2.6 (2022)

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Impact Factor 3.6 (2022)

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The open-access journal of the ISSM, Sexual Medicine, is now published by Oxford University Press (OUP). OUP has Read and Publish Agreements* with numerous Universities and Institutions, which allows some authors to publish open access in Sexual Medicine journals at reduced rates or no cost. Please refer below for more information and to determine if you are able to publish at reduced rates or no cost in Sexual Medicine!

Terms and Conditions:

About Read & Publish Agreements:

A read-and-publish agreement is a type of transformative agreement between academic publishers and institutions (such as universities or research organizations) to provide access to scholarly journals and, at the same time, allow researchers affiliated with those institutions to publish their research in those journals without additional charges (such as article processing charges or APCs). Traditional subscription-based models have been the primary method for providing access to academic journals, where institutions pay substantial fees to access content. In contrast, open-access publishing models involve making research articles freely available to readers, typically funded through article processing charges paid by authors or their institutions. 

A read-and-publish agreement combines both access and publishing components, often in a single agreement with the publisher. The institution pays a fee to the publisher, which covers access to the publisher's entire journal portfolio for the institution's users. Additionally, researchers affiliated with the institution can publish their research in those journals without incurring extra costs, as the publication fees are also included in the agreement. Read and publish agreements aim to transition the scholarly publishing system from a traditional subscription-based model to an open-access model, providing greater visibility and accessibility to research outputs while also helping to control costs for institutions. These agreements are part of broader efforts to promote open access and foster more sustainable models for scholarly communication.

Publons is a reviewer credit service affiliated with Clarivate. Publons tracks reviewer activity and generates a public record, which researchers can then show to administrators or professional development committees to demonstrate their peer review contributions. There is an opt-in option presented to reviewers during the review process.

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