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A Quarter of Peyronie’s Disease Patients Choose Xiaflex Injections

A Quarter of Peyronie’s Disease Patients Choose Xiaflex Injections

Predictors of Pursuing Intralesional Xiaflex in Peyronie’s Disease Patients

Nahid Punjani MD, MPH; Bruno Nascimento MD; Carolyn Salter MD; Jose Flores MD; Eduardo Miranda MD; Jean Terrier MD; Hisanori Taniguchi MD;

Lawrence Jenkins MD; John P. Mulhall MD, MSc, FECSM, FACS

FIRST PUBLISHED: July 3, 2021 – The Journal of Sexual Medicine


Peyronie’s Disease: Should Nonresponders Receive Entire CCH Injection Protocol?

Continuing Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum Injections Among Initial Nonresponders Results in Significant Curvature Improvements in the Majority of Peyronie’s Disease Men

Manaf Alom MBBS; Holli Burgon BS; Matthew Ziegelmann MD; Tobias Köhler MD; Sevann Helo MD; Landon Trost MD

Study Compares Physical, Mental, and Sexual Health in Transgender and Cisgender Women

Physical, Mental and Sexual Health Among Transgender Women: A Comparative Study Among Operated Transgender and Cisgender Women in a National Tertiary Referral Network

Francesca Vedovo MD; Lisa Di Blas PhD; Francesco Aretus MD; Marco Falcone MD; Chiara Perin PsyD; Nicola Pavan MD; Michele Rizzo MD; Girolamo Morelli MD; Andrea Cocci MD; Chiara Polito MD; Giorgio Gentile MD; Fulvio Colombo MD; Massimiliano Timpano MD; Paolo Verze MD; Ciro Imbimbo MD; Carlo Bettocchi MD; Elisabetta Pascolo Fabrici MD; Alessandro Palmieri MD; Carlo Trombetta MD

RALP: Fascia-Preserving Method Not Recommended Over Standard Surgical Approach

Preservation of Endopelvic Fascia: Effects on Postoperative Incontinence and Sexual Function – A Randomized Clinical Trial

Aino Siltari PhD; Jarno Riikonen PhD, MD; Teemu J. Murtola PhD, MD

Lack of Patient Education Related to Treatment Delays in Men with Ischemic Priapism

Patient Education Is Associated With Reduced Delay to Presentation for Management of Ischemic Priapism: A Retrospective Review of 123 Men

Rahul Dutta MD; Ethan L. Matz MD; Tyler L. Overholt MD; William B. Anderson MD; Nicholas A. Deebel MD; Matthew Cowper MD; Ryan P. Terlecki MD; Kyle A. Scarberry MD

Peyronie’s Disease: Surgeons and Patients are Satisfied With 3-D Models

Is Kelami’s Method Still Useful in the Smartphone Era? The Virtual 3-Dimensional Reconstruction of Penile Curvature in Patients With Peyronie’s Disease: A Pilot Study

Carlo Pavone MD; Alberto Abrate MD; Silvia Altomare MD; Marco Vella MD; Vincenzo Serretta MD, PhD; Alchiede Simonato MD; Marco Callieri PhD


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