Valued Feedback Rewarded

Valued Feedback Rewarded

This summer our Annual ISSM Membership Survey was held as it is truly important for ISSM to know how our ISSM Members experience their ISSM Membership.

As a sign of appreciation for completing the survey, 5 submissions have been selected randomly to receive a $50.00 voucher that may be used for payment of ISSM membership, ISSM meeting registration and/or ISSM publications.

 2021 10 01 Membership voucher




ISSM congratulates the following ISSM members for receiving a USD 50,- voucher. 

  • James G. Pfaus; Canada
  • Wang Jiang; China
  • Marina Scafuri; Brazil
  • Tse Siu-san; Taiwan and
  • Sergio Moreno; Chile.

On behalf of the ISSM Membership Committee thanks to all ISSM Members for your valued feedback!



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