Sexual Medicine Debates: Penile Traction Therapy for PD?

Dr. Landon Trost and Dr. Wayne Hellstrom engaged in a lively sexual medicine debate on the use of penile traction therapy for treating Peyronie’s disease (PD) today at the 23rd Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA/23rd ISSM Scientific Meeting.

Dr. Trost gave an impassioned presentation in favor of using penile traction therapy for PD, citing its safety, efficacy in improving curvature, length, and erectile function, and the ability of patients to receive the treatment and do it for 30 minutes daily. Nonetheless, Dr. Hellstrom delivered an equally enthusiastic rebuttal, expressing the view that men who have penile length concerns may be better treated through mental health interventions. In the end, the audience was split between the two compelling arguments, and the moderator declared the debate a draw.

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