All ISSM Journals Increase Their Impact Factor

A recent Journal Citation Report announced that all three journals from the International Society for Sexual Medicine have increased their impact factor scores.

Impact factor is an important statistic that measures how often the average article is cited from a science, technology, or social science journal within a two-year span. To calculate an impact factor, the Journal Citation Report divides the number of times an article was cited by the number of possible articles on a topic to cite. Impact factor is then used to compare journals to each other. Comparing impact factors can help readers decide which journals are most credible and most used within their concentration. See below for the increase in each impact factor per journal.

Sexual Medicine Reviews (SMR): 4.836 – 5.345

Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM): 3.802 – 3.937

Sexual Medicine Open Access (SMOA): 2.491 – 2.523

Thank you to our readers, authors, reviewers, and the editorial boards of the journals for their continued support of the ISSM journals.


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