ISSM Webinar on What is distraction during sex and why is it detrimental?

23 November, 2021

This ISSM Webinar will be about What is distraction during sex and why is it detrimental?
A lot comes across people's minds when they are involved in sexual activity. Some of these thoughts and images may enhance arousal and contribute to a fulfilling pleasurable experience. However, some of these thoughts are extremely detrimental for sexual activity as they distract people from the enjoyment of sensory experience. It can be that a person is worried about body image, contamination, their performance, the effect of a substance.... As clinicians we cannot ignore that worry and expectations, sometimes shaped culturally or through interpersonal experience or even personal traits, have a crucial role in understanding sexual response. In this seminar we will look at how cognitive distraction operates in order to create more awareness of cognitive processes involved in sexual response.

The webinar will be opened by Annamaria Giraldi, ISSM President.
The webinar will be moderated by Manuela Peixoto (Portugal).

- Opening and introduction by Annamaria Giraldi, President ISSM, Denmark
- Welcome by the moderator; Manuela Peixoto (Portugal)
- Cognitive distraction during sexual activity: lesson from experimental studies - Stephanie Both (The Netherlands)
- Content of cognitive distraction during sexual activity: what are people thinking about? - Marta Meana (USA)
- Q&A Session of 30 min led by the moderator


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