ISSM Webinar on Religion and sexuality

January 19, 2023

Religion and sexuality are two topics which have played a central role in humanity for thousands of years. The impact of religion on sexuality and vice-versa throughout history likely cannot be overstated, as they both have had significant and ongoing roles on social interactions and order. The current webinar has been created to provide insight into the impact of religion on sexuality in 2023 from an international and scientific perspective. Specifically, the topics, presentations, and discussions will emphasize how religion shapes the way that societies view, express, and participate in sexuality and how these vary from one culture to another. The presentations will also attempt to address the wide variety of both contemporary mainstream and extreme religious influence on sexuality throughout the world, ranging from the moderating, civilizing, and enlightening influences to the violent and degrading.

Talli Rosenbaum
Talli RosenbaumIsrael
Michael Krychman
Michael KrychmanUSA
Caleb Jacobson
Caleb JacobsonGermany

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