ISSM Webinar on Pornography

The webinar took place on July 19, 2023.

Pornography use has become mainstream in various societies with diverse background, with estimates that 60% of men and 35% of women have viewed pornography at some point in the last year. Typically, men have more favorable attitudes toward pornography and view it more frequently than women. Among young adults, 87% of men and 31% of women reported using pornography, but 67% of men and 49% of women rated pornography use as acceptable. Interestingly, current research have demonstrated an impact on sexual health and sexuality. In this webinar we will comprehensively evaluate the impact of pornography on men and women sexuality and sexual health and its broader implications.


  • Opening and welcome by the moderator, Alan Shindel (USA)
  • Impact of pornography on sexual response - David Rowland (USA)
  • Impact of pornography on the human brain - Mateusz Gola (Poland)
  • Q&A Session of 30-45 min, led by the moderator
Alan Shindel
Alan ShindelUSA
David Rowland
David RowlandUSA
Mateusz Gola
Mateusz GolaPoland

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