ISSM Webinar on Peyronie’s Disease: state of the art of clinical answers

17 December, 2021

This ISSM Webinar will be about Peyronie’s Disease: state of the art of clinical answers.
Peyronie's disease is a common condition which is arguably underdiagnosed and undertreated. In the recent years, several novel therapies have been developed and which have greatly improved outcomes and increased the number of therapeutic options available. This lecture will provide a contemporary update from international Peyronie’s experts on currently available therapies including non-surgical and surgical modalities.

• Opening by Annamaria Giraldi, ISSM President (Denmark)
• Introduction of faculty by the moderators: Eric Chung (Australia) and Giulio Garaffa (UK/IT)
• Update on traction and vacuum treatments in Peyronie’s disease - Ates Kadioglu (Turkey)
• Lecture on injectables, topicals, and orals - Juan Martinez-Salamanca (Spain)
• Surgical therapy of Peyronie’s disease: state of the art 2021 - Georgios Hatzichristodoulou (Germany)
• Q&A session



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