ISSM Webinar on New therapies for ED

February 24, 2022

This ISSM Webinar will be about New therapies for ED.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions, and therapeutic options are heavily advertised. But does excessive advertising and a desire for new treatments translate into actual efficacy? Or, is sexual medicine at risk of being overwhelmed with biased, non-evidence based, and minimally-effective approaches.  This webinar will focus on restorative therapies for ED and will include a review of current evidence and recommendations regarding their use. 

- Opening by Prof. Annamaria Giraldi, ISSM President (Denmark)
- Introduction of faculty by the moderator: Nuno Tomada (Portugal)
- Lecture on Platelet rich plasma, stem cells, and Botox: novel ED therapies or 2022 snake oil - Trinity Bivalacqua (USA)
- Lecture on Shockwave Therapy for ED - A Review of Devices, Outcomes and Recommendation - Thomas Masterson (USA)
- Q&A session

Nuno Tomada
Nuno TomadaPortugal
Trinity Bivalacqua
Trinity BivalacquaUSA
Thomas Masterson
Thomas MastersonUSA

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