ISSM Webinar on Hyperactive pelvic floor: what about it?

This ISSM Webinar will be about Hyperactive pelvic floor: what about it?

Pelvic floor disorders have an impact on society by having a detrimental effect on sexual response, namely by causing pain or discomfort during sex. Interventions on sexuality that involve acting on pelvic floor (e.g., Kegel exercises) are common. However, there is little visibility and awareness about pelvic floor disorders, in general, and specifically about its consequences on sexuality. Furthermore, knowledge about the processes and suitability involved in pelvic floor interventions is missing.

In this webinar we hope to contribute concerning clarifying the important role that pelvic floor disorders and interventions have in explaining and treating sexual problems.


  • Opening by Prof. Annamaria Giraldi, ISSM President (Denmark)
  • Introduction of faculty by the moderator: Talli Rosenbaum (Israel)
  • Pathophysiology of the overactive pelvic floor - Stephanie Thibault Gagnon (Canada)
  • What does the Brain have to do with it? Moving beyond trigger points and dilators - Carolyn Vandyken (Canada)
  • Pelvic Floor Disorders in Sexual Abuse Survivors - Anna Padoa (Israel)
  • Q&A session
Talli Rosenbaum
Talli RosenbaumIsrael
Stephanie Thibault Gagnon
Stephanie Thibault GagnonCanada
Carolyn Vandyken
Carolyn VandykenCanada
Anna Padoa
Anna PadoaIsrael

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