ISSM Webinar on How to involve partners in treatment

This ISSM Webinar will be about How to involve partners in treatment.

Even though most sexual activity mostly occurs in a dyadic context, there is a common belief, shared by health professionals and patients, that if someone presents a problem, this person needs to be the target for intervention, ignoring the interpersonal nature of the problem.
Moreover, partners may be reluctant to get involved in the intervention, despite clinician's advice and recommendations. Involving partners in treatment is one of the challenges clinicians need to face. In this webinar we hope to share some suggestions and experiences that may improve clinicians’ success when inviting partners to get involved in treatment.


  • Opening and short introduction by Annamaria Giraldi, President ISSM
  • Welcome by the moderator – Chris Nelson (USA)
  • Partners in general  - Cátia Oliveira (Portugal)
  • Partners of IPP patients - Sherita King (USA)
  • Q&A Session 


Chris Nelson
Chris NelsonUSA
Cátia Oliveira
Cátia OliveiraPortugal
Sherita King
Sherita KingUSA

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