ISSM Webinar on Female sexuality: an important concept?

Female's sexuality has been approached from different angles and has been the focus of intense debate, most of it calling the attention to the gendered nature of sexual expression and how people's sexuality can better be approached from an angle that acknowledges biological explanatory factors as well as socio-cultural framing. With this webinar we aim to address some of the important issues related to female sexuality and the way a gendered evidence-based look at sexual response may help us to deliver better care for those who were born female and identify as women.


  • Opening and short introduction by Annamaria Giraldi, Past President ISSM
  • Welcome by the moderator – Patrícia Pascoal (Portugal)
  • The contextual and gendered nature of sexual problems – Lori Brotto (Canada)
  • Sexual problems and reduced quality of life after gonadotoxic interventions – what do “male” sex hormones got to do with it? – Marlene Werner (The Netherlands)
  • Psychophysiology, research and clinical practice – Annamaria Giraldi (Denmark) 
  • Q&A Session 
Patricia Pascoal
Patricia PascoalPortugal
Lori Brotto
Lori BrottoCanada
Marlene Werner
Marlene WernerThe Netherlands
Annamaria Giraldi
Annamaria GiraldiDenmark

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