ISSM Webinar on Female sexual rehabilitation following pelvic related trauma or cancer treatment

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) following pelvic/fracture trauma or cancer related therapies is known to have a significant influence on Quality of Life for female patients and their partners. However, FSD has not garnered significant attention relative to male counterparts. Often multidisciplinary approach is wanted to address FSD related to pelvic trauma or cancer therapies involving gynecologist, urologist, reproductive, sexual and physical therapist to ensure adequate recovery with improved clinical and functional outcomes. During this webinar, we will be discussing the advanced management steps in the rehabilitation of female sexual function following pelvic related trauma or cancer treatment focusing on sexual, urinary, reproductive and functional aspects of great interest to both health providers and patients.

- Opening and short introduction by moderator Annamaria Giraldi, Past President ISSM (Denmark)
- Female sexual function and recovery following child birth, obstetric and/or pelvic fracture trauma - Faysal El Kak (Lebanon)
- Female sexual function and recovery following cancer therapy - Daniela Wittmann (USA)
- Live Q&A Session

Annamaria Giraldi
Annamaria GiraldiDenmark
Faysal El Kak
Faysal El KakLebanon
Daniela Wittmann
Daniela WittmannUSA

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