ISSM Webinar on Endometriosis

Endometriosis, a condition difficult to diagnose, is associated with painful sexual activity and affects women and relationships negatively. However, it is often underdiagnosed, and there is lack of knowledge and awareness about this medical relevant and impairing condition.
Its detrimental effects are felt in various aspects of women's lives namely their sexuality. In our webinar we will look at endometriosis, to what it is and how it can be diagnosed and approached, but also at some useful clinical interventions that may be beneficial to women.


  • Opening and short introduction by Gerald Brock, President-Elect ISSM
  • Welcome by the moderator – Padmini Prasad (India)
  • Endometriosis and sexual function - Mijal Luria (Israel) 
  • Pelvic floor PT for endometriosis - Dee Hartmann (USA) 
  • Q&A Session 
Padmini Prasad
Padmini PrasadIndia
Mijal Luria
Mijal LuriaIsrael
Dee Hartmann
Dee HartmannUSA

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