ISSM-APSSM webinar

This webinar is organized in collaboration with APSSM.

This APSSM-ISSM webinar will be held in conjunction with the national VSSM meeting. Four different experts will be providing lectures highlighting how sexual medicine practice is unique in the AP region given the different sociocultural backgrounds and locoregional expertise. While sexual medicine remains an important focus in the AP region, the focus on fertility is very important due to the increasing ageing population in many AP countries and the rise in the use of testosterone therapy. Similarly, in the current climate of "perfection" and internet-based healthcare access with "Dr Google", more males are seeking penile surgery. This APSSM-ISSM webinar series will focus on several key issues such as testosterone and fertility; penile surgery; advances in varicocele surgery; and what initiatives VSSM has done with the Vietnam government.


  • Opening and short introduction by Gerald Brock, President ISSM and Koichi Nagao, President APSSM
  • Welcome by the moderators – Du Geon Moon (South Korea) and Jiang Hui (China) 
  • Testosterone and fertility: How to balance male hypogonadism and reproduction? – Yuan Yiming (China)
  • Vietnam Society of Sexual Medicine and Men's Health Initiatives by the Vietnamese Government – Quang Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • Penile surgery in China – Dai Yutian (China)
  • Advances in varicocele surgery – GWK Dursa (Indonesia)
  • Q&A Session 

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