In this episode, with distinguished guest Rafi Heruti we confront a crucial and sensitive topic at the intersection of Rehabilitation Medicine and human connection: sexuality and physical disability. We explore the challenges faced by individuals dealing with physical disabilities, such as loss of a leg or spinal cord injury, and the profound impact it has on their confidence and sense of self. 

Many experience a sharp decline in self-assurance; their masculinity feels compromised, and social interactions become daunting. The fear of judgment often leads to isolation, and for some, this affects their willingness to pursue relationships and intimacy. The struggle with self-worth can severely impact their ability to engage romantically, leading to feelings of hopelessness. 

We delve into essential discussions about relationships, intimacy, and self-esteem in the face of physical disabilities. Our experts offer valuable advice not only for those directly affected but also for healthcare professionals seeking guidance on addressing sexual health in the context of disability. Join us for an insightful conversation aimed at empowering individuals, fostering understanding, and breaking barriers surrounding sexuality and disability. Don't miss this enlightening episode! 


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