In this episode, with Francesa Tripodi a sexologist, We delve into a pressing issue affecting many couples: Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We explore how ED, especially among men over 40, can strain relationships. Stress, ongoing issues, and underlying health conditions often contribute to this challenge, making it crucial to address. 

We discuss the far-reaching impact on mental health, including anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts that affect not just men but also their partners. The feeling of loss of control and failure can be overwhelming. Additionally, we shed light on how ED can also be a potential sign of underlying health conditions, even a risk factor for heart disease. 

This episode navigates the journey of partners facing ED together. We explore the considerable distress it causes in both partners, emphasizing the importance of understanding and supporting each other. Men often experience a decrease in sexual desire, leading to a reduction in intimacy and feelings of attractiveness. Partners may grapple with questions of fidelity and may feel disconnected. 

Tune in to unravel the complexities of ED as we explore what it is, its psychological impact on the couple dealing with ED. 


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