ISSM Global Outreach Committee Grant

ISSM Global Outreach Committee Grant

The committee extends an open invitation to all ISSM Members to contribute to aiding low- and middle-income countries with limited educational and clinical resources. By joining hands with the Global Outreach Committee, members can actively participate in making a positive impact on sexual health education worldwide.

On an annual basis we invite ISSM Members to submit an application for an ISSM Global Outreach Committee Grant. The grant aims to develop and implement a sexual medicine program in your area. When the Global Outreach Committee Grant opens, it will be announced via the website and other communication channels of the WMSM. Find below the eligibility and requirement details of the Global Outreach Committee Grant.

Eligibility and Funding: 

  • Full ISSM Members from Category B or C countries (according to the World Bank Classification) can submit a proposal individually or via an affiliated society.
  • Only individuals and affiliated societies with no commercial or profit interest in the project are eligible.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with a proven record of establishing educational programs.
  • Applicants without a proven record may apply if they can demonstrate that they are working with an ISSM member-mentor who is a known provider of educational programs.
  • Projects should be completed within 12 months of project initiation.
  • Projects will be assigned up to 10,000 USD, based on submitted budget approval.
  • After each event, the organizer is expected to collect feedback from attendees through questionnaires and surveys and then send a report to the ISSM executive office within 45 days.

  • The Global Outreach Committee is on a mission! The committee aims to spread knowledge about sexual medicine and educate healthcare professionals and the public about sexual issues and recovery. They primarily focus on helping low- and middle-income countries with limited educational and clinical resources. 


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