Can increasing caffeine intake help with erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It’s possible that caffeine could help a man’s erections, but more research is needed.

Caffeine is a stimulant found in foods and beverages. Coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks are common sources.

Past research has found that caffeine may have some health benefits, but its role in erections has been unclear.

In April 2015, researchers from the United States and Greece investigated the relationship between caffeine and erectile dysfunction (ED). They analyzed data from over 3,700 men.

They discovered that men who consumed between 170-375 mg of caffeine each day had lower rates of ED. (This amount is the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee.)

It’s possible that caffeine helps relax arteries and smooth muscle tissue in the penis, allowing more blood to flow in when a man is aroused. Good blood flow is essential for a firm erection.

Overweight and obese men, along with those with high blood pressure, also had lower rates of ED when they consumed more caffeine. However, higher caffeine intake did not seem to affect ED rates in men with diabetes.

This does not mean that consuming more caffeine will improve a man’s erections. ED is a complex condition that can have both physical and psychological roots.  Diabetes, heart disease, depression, and anxiety can all be linked to ED.

However, future research may explore the connection between ED and erections further.

In the meantime, men who are having trouble with erections should see their doctor. ED can be a sign of more serious medical conditions, so it is always best to have a complete checkup. A doctor can also suggest different treatment options.


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