Joint ISSM/MESSM webinar on Vaginismus

Joint ISSM/MESSM webinar on Vaginismus
July 3, 2023

From 06.30PM to 08.00PM UTC

(11.30AM PDT – San Francisco / 02.30PM EDT – New York / 08.30PM CEST – Amsterdam / 09.30 PM KSA Riyadh / 00.00AM IST – New Delhi / 03.30AM KST – Seoul on July 4) – View in your time zone.

Please note that this webinar was initially scheduled for June 27th but has now been rescheduled for July 3rd.

The webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Vaginismus is a much-neglected aspect of feminine health with limited published data. Vaginismus could not only be bothersome condition but may indicate significant underlying female sexual dysfunction or pelvis floor dysfunction. Often Vaginismus is influenced by physiological, behavioral, social, and cultural factors. Evaluation and treatment often require detailed and specific history taking and clinical evaluation to rule out comorbidities. Treatment is multifaceted and prolonged, involving urogynecology, pharmacological, psychological, and behavioral therapy. In this joint ISSM-MESSM webinar, we will provide a comprehensive overview on the management and treatment of such challenging condition.


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