Travel grants to World Meeting on Sexual Medicine

ISSM Travel Stipends to the ISSM/ SMSNA Scientific Meeting on Sexual Medicine

Every world meeting a number of travel stipends to be determined by the ISSM Board of Directors is made available for ISSM members to attend the Scientific Meeting. The stipend will contribute to covering travel, living expenses, and meeting registration fees. The funds will be paid out as a reimbursement after the meeting, based on specification of the expenses.

For the 23rd ISSM/SMSNA Scientific Meeting which will be held from October 27 to 30, 2022 in Miami, there are 20 ISSM travel stipends of USD 2,000 per person available for ISSM Members.

The travel stipends will be allocated based on need. ISSM members active in ISSM committees who apply (and without funding would not have the opportunity to attend the ISSM/SMSNA Scientific Meeting) will receive extra scoring in the assessment process. The assessment will be made by the Grants & Prizes Committee and reviewed by the ISSM Executive Committee. The travel stipends are available to full ISSM memberships only. Joint ISSM/SMSNA full Members who are residential outside of the USA are also eligible to apply. 


  • Applicants must be ISSM full members in good standing, before the deadline (not a member yet? Apply here);
  • Applicants should have submitted an abstract for the meeting. This will be verified before the reimbursement, but no proof that a poster or talk is accepted is necessary at the application stage;
  • A completed (online) application form must be submitted before July 1, 2022 EXTENDED DEADLINE: July 14, 2022
  • People who received an ISSM travel stipend in the last five years are not eligible;
  • Applications can be submitted by members at various stages of their professional career (e.g., Masters and PhD students, postdocs, and lecturers), but applications from those working in lower-income countries and/or who are experiencing financial hardship will be given priority;
  • A completed (online) application form should be submitted including a resume and a short explanation of the need for the travel stipend;
  • People applying for a travel stipend are not permitted to receive additional travel funding support from a third party, e.g. from their institution, third-party funding or other grants;
  • A written proof* of professional degree is required (* Written proof: a letter from your organization signed by the chairman of the department where you are employed stating your professional degree.)

Requirements when receiving the Travel Stipend:

  • Include the ISSM logo in your poster or presentation and mention the ISSM travel stipend in the acknowledgements;
  • Send in a completed claim form with the original tickets and receipts attached to reimburse you on your personal account;
  • Send us a picture of you in front of your poster at the meeting or a picture of you presenting your research and if possible, also actively tweet during the conference using the hashtag of the 23rd ISSM/SMSNA Scientific Meeting 2022, #ISSMSMSNA2022.

The deadline to apply for an ISSM Travel Stipend has passed on July 14, 2022. It is no longer possible to submit your application for the 23rd ISSM/SMSNA Scientific Meeting 2022.


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