Zorgniotti Foundation

Zorgniotti Foundation

General information

The Zorgniotti Foundation was established in 1994 and named after Adrian Zorgniotti, founder and first President of the ISSM, formerly known as the International Society for Impotence Research (ISIR). The main goal of the Zorgniotti Foundation is to provide financial support in the areas of research and education in sexual medicine.


The aims for allocating the available funds are:
A) Basic and clinical research in the field of sexual medicine;
B) Training of professionals in the field of sexual medicine;
C) Public education.

Application Procedure

When ISSM announces a new round for applications, all applicants are required to use the Zorgniotti Grant Application Form for the completion of their proposal. The application form can be obtained through the ISSM Executive Office and/or can be downloaded from the ISSM website. Completed application forms need to be returned to the ISSM Executive Office before the deadline. Incomplete forms and/or forms submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
At the moment there is no active call for applications and hence applications will not be accepted.


The ISSM supports operating grants for terms of one (1) or two (2) years.

Review Procedure

All Zorgniotti Grant Applications will be reviewed by the ISSM Grants and Prizes Committee, after which they will be subject to a final review by the ISSM Executive Committee and/or Board. The Committees aim to finalize the review within eight (8) weeks.

Progress Reports

A project progress report is due six (6) months after the start date of a grant. In case of 2-year projects, additional progress reports are due twelve (12) and eighteen (18) months after the start date of a grant. The report(s) must include a written description of progress made, referring to the hypothesis and aims proposed in the original application. Compliance with this policy is necessary for ongoing funding of your research project.

Final Project Report

A final project report is due within ninety (90) days of the termination of your grant. This report must include the following information:
• documentation of all milestones achieved during the entire cycle with reference to the initial hypothesis and aims of the project;
• a full account of all expenses incurred over the entire lifecycle of the project.

Research Grant Publication

In case of a research grant, ISSM strongly advises to submit the manuscript to the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM). The responsibility for publications lies with the Principal Applicant. As soon as a manuscript is accepted for publication in JSM, it is expected that the grantee will inform the ISSM Executive Office (office@issm.info) with the title of article and expected date of publication.


The results of any work supported by a grant from the ISSM must be acknowledged in all dissemination materials (e.g., publications, scientific exhibits, scientific presentations, press releases, etc.). The following acknowledgment or its equivalent should be used: “This investigation was supported (in part) by a grant(s) from the International Society for Sexual Medicine.”