Sexual Health Q&A

Why is it important to follow erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment instructions?

Following a physician’s instructions for ED treatment – or for any medical treatment – is extremely important.

Before treatments are made available to the public, they are studied and tested thoroughly to make sure they are safe and effective. Scientists carefully determine the right dosing and procedures.

If a man has been prescribed pills for ED, following the instructions ensures that he won’t take too much or too little of the medication. He should know how often he can take the drug and whether he should take it on a full or empty stomach. It’s also important for him to know what to expect from the drug – how long it should take to work, what side effects he might have, and what to do about more serious side effects.

Also, ED drugs can have serious interactions with other drugs a man might be taking, so he should read the drug pamphlet carefully.

Men who use intraurethral suppositories (MUSE) or penile injections should also be careful about how much of a drug they use and how often. Usually, a doctor teaches the patient how to administer the drug properly. Similarly, a doctor can provide training in using a vacuum erection device or penile prosthesis.

If a man has questions about his ED treatment, he should ask his doctor for guidance. He can also consult the informational packet that comes with the medication or device.