Sexual Health Q&A

What can be done about a man’s lower libido?

What can men do about lower libido? Usually, the treatment depends on the cause, so seeing a doctor is a good first step.

If testosterone levels are low, a complete physical exam can reveal why. Some men benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Others may need to lose weight, start an exercise program, or change their diet.

If medications are the cause, adjusting the dose or changing to a different type of drug may help. Such adjustments should always be made under a doctor’s care. Men may also decide to cut down on or stop their use of alcohol or recreational drugs. Patients may be referred to a substance abuse treatment program, if necessary.

Making sleep a priority is important. Proper sleep not only relieves fatigue but also promotes testosterone production, as much of a man’s testosterone is made while he sleeps.

Psychological causes may be handled in several ways. Managing stress might mean cutting back on work hours or asking family members for help. Relationship problems can be addressed by talking openly with a partner or considering couples counseling or sex therapy. Couples may also discuss how to make their sex lives more exciting.