Sexual Health Q&A

Is penile implant surgery safe for men who take anticoagulants?

In the past, penile implant surgery was not recommended for men who take anticoagulants. However, recent research suggests that this surgery is indeed safe for these men.

Anticoagulants are blood thinners and help to prevent blood clots in patients with heart and blood vessel conditions.

In August 2012, at the World Meeting on Sexual Medicine, researchers from the Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts, USA reported on their study of 91 men who were having penile implant surgery. In this group, 11 men took anticoagulants. These men continued taking their medication during the surgery.

These patients did not have any bleeding complications and their hospital experiences were comparable those of the men who did not take anticoagulants.

The Lahey Clinic researchers concluded that penile implant surgery is safe for men taking anticoagulants and that they might benefit from continuing anticoagulation therapy.

However, a man on anticoagulants who is considering this surgery should consult his personal physician for guidance on his individual case.