Sexual Health Q&A

How important are partners in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Studies have shown that treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) is more effective when the patient has a supportive partner.

How can a partner be supportive? Here are some ideas:

  • Attend doctor’s appointments with the patient. A partner can provide additional insights and may think of questions that the patient overlooks.
  • Help the patient decide on a treatment plan.
  • Communicate. Help the man feel comfortable discussing ED, from the physical aspects to the emotional matters.
  • Be encouraging and upbeat.
  • Understand that overcoming ED takes time. Some men need to try different treatments before they find what works best for them. Patience and a willingness to try other ways of being intimate – aside from intercourse – can take pressure off the man and make him feel like he is still desired.

Working together as a team, both partners can cope more easily with ED treatment and, in turn, strengthen their relationship along with their sex lives.