Sexual Health Q&A

How can you tell if a medication is counterfeit?

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to tell. Counterfeiters try to make their product look as authentic as possible, from the size, shape, and color of the pill to the logo on the package. Consumers who are unsure about their medications should consider these questions:

  • Does the seller provide a physical address on its website? Many counterfeiters do not.
  • Does the seller require a prescription? In many countries, consumers need prescriptions to buy drugs like Viagra.
  • Does the seller require a health screening? It’s important to see a doctor before starting any medication to make sure it’s safe for the patient.
  • Does the medication come in secure packaging? Are blister packs sealed? Is the medication shipped in unlabeled plastic bags or unsealed containers?
  • Does the medication come with an information sheet or leaflet? Are there instructions on how to take it?

Consumers should make sure all of their medications come from legitimate pharmacies. If a medication seems suspicious, a doctor or pharmacist should be notified.