Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer Q&A

What is prostate cancer?

What is high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment? Does it have fewer sexual side effects?

How might prostate cancer treatment affect the sexual health of gay and bisexual men?

Would shockwave therapy be helpful for erectile dysfunction related to prostate cancer treatment?

Is an enlarged prostate associated with a higher risk of prostate cancer?

Can a man develop erectile dysfunction (ED) after a prostate biopsy?

Does sexual orientation alter sexual recovery following prostate cancer?

Are oral drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) linked to prostate cancer risk?

How does ADT affect sexual health?

What is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT)?

What is robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP)?

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

What are the risk factors for prostate cancer?

How is prostate cancer diagnosed?

How is prostate cancer treated?

Prostate Cancer Research

Mini-Jupette Graft Addresses Climacturia and Incontinence after Prostatectomy

Research Summary – Multiple-Slit Technique (MUST) for Penile Implants Needs Further Study

Testosterone Levels May Decline, Then Recover, After External Beam Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

No Significant Differences in Sexual Function: Hypofractionated and Conventional Radiotherapy

Changing Definitions of Erectile Recovery Has “No Major Impact” in REACCT Trial

Erectile Function in Men Following Radical Prostatectomy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer

Risk of Damage to the Somatic Innervation of the Penis during the AdVance™ Procedure

Intravenous Preload of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Rescues Erectile Function in a Rat Model of Cavernous

Is Testosterone Treatment Good for the Prostate? Study of Safety During Long-Term Treatment

Postprostatectomy ED: Potential of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells-Based Micro-Tissues in a Rat Model

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