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Erectile Dysfunction Q&A

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)? What causes ED? How is ED treated?

Can a vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Is a man’s blood type related to his chances of developing erectile dysfunction (ED)?

How are sexual problems treated in people addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Can certain foods or beverages make erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs less effective?

What is venous leakage and how does it cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

How might prostate cancer treatment affect the sexual health of gay and bisexual men?

Is high blood pressure related to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Can marijuana affect a man’s sexual function?

What happens if you take too much of an oral erectile dysfunction (ED) medication?

Can gout affect sexual health and performance?

Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What is priapism?

What causes priapism and how is it treated?

Would shockwave therapy be helpful for erectile dysfunction related to prostate cancer treatment?

How does diabetes lead to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Are sexual problems linked to 5ARI use for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)?

Is there a link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and glaucoma?

What can men do if oral drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) aren’t an option?

Is there a link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and osteoporosis?

Do vitamin D levels have any impact on a man’s erections?

Can consuming soft drinks lead to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Can a man develop erectile dysfunction (ED) after a prostate biopsy?

Should men stop taking erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs before having surgery?

Are certain foods helpful in addressing erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What are the six modifiable risk factors for ED for men with ischemic heart disease?

Are oral drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) linked to prostate cancer risk?

How does ADT affect sexual health?

Is there a link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)?

Do drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) cause melanoma?

Can smoking affect a man’s erections?

Will a man develop sexual difficulties after a pelvic fracture?

Is there a potential connection between erectile dysfunction (ED) and dementia?

Is sexual dysfunction common among male partners of infertile couples during the fertile period?

Can increasing caffeine intake help with erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What is a penile plethysmograph?

Can thyroid problems contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Can exercise help with erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What should heart patients know about medications and sex?

Will medications for erectile dysfunction (ED) enhance sexual performance for men without ED?

Can medication for erectile dysfunction shorten a man’s refractory period?

What recent research has been conducted on shockwave therapy for treatment of erectile dysfunction?

What is a constriction ring? Why should one be used with caution?

How might Peyronie’s disease cause erectile dysfunction?

Is there any relationship between penile curvature in men with Peyronie’s disease and ED?

What is penile ultrasound?

What is nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT)?

What is the nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test?

What types of drugs have general sexual side effects?

What can patients do about sexual side effects from medications?

What is shockwave therapy and how might it help men with erectile dysfunction?

What are condom-associated erection problems (CAEP)?

Is there a link between COPD and erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Is erectile dysfunction (ED) common in men under age 40?

What is the link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and coronary artery disease?

How does erectile dysfunction (ED) affect partners?

How important are partners in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)?

How does erectile dysfunction (ED) affect a man’s self-esteem?

Can obstructive sleep apnea lead to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Can treatment for obstructive sleep apnea improve a man’s ability to have erections?

What kinds of sexual problems might cancer patients face?

How many men give up on erectile dysfunction (ED) medications? Why?

Why is it important to follow erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment instructions?

Is there a relationship between partners’ sexual functioning?

What is a penile rehabilitation program (PRP)?

What does a penile rehabilitation program (PRP) involve?

How successful are penile rehabilitation programs (PRPs)?

Is it safe to buy erection-enhancing drugs over the internet?

How can you tell if a medication is counterfeit?

Can testosterone replacement therapy help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone?

Can stents help men with erectile dysfunction?

What lifestyle changes can men make to improve their erectile function?

What are some effects of sustained pornography use?

Is there a link between psoriasis and male sexual dysfunction?

What is the link between erectile dysfunction and gum disease?

Is there a connection between an overactive thyroid gland and erectile dysfunction (ED)?

What kinds of pills are used to treat erectile dysfunction?

What are some side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs?

How do pills for erectile dysfunction work?

Is it safe to use herbal supplements and over-the-counter products to treat erectile dysfunction?

Who shouldn’t take erectile dysfunction drugs?

How can diabetic men prevent or control erectile dysfunction?

How does diabetes lead to erectile dysfunction?

How common is erectile dysfunction among men with diabetes?

What is the connection between NSAIDs and erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Why does it appear that men who take NSAIDs regularly are more likely to have ED?

Should men stop taking NSAIDs?

Can erectile dysfunction (ED) be a symptom of other medical conditions?

Erectile Dysfunction News

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Erectile Dysfunction Research

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