Warning: Predatory journal soliciting manuscripts from ISSM Members

November 14, 2016

Dear ISSM Member,

It has come to our attention that a sizeable majority of the ISSM membership has received emails in the last 1-2 weeks soliciting submissions. In some cases, you may also have received an invitation to sit on the Editorial Board. The title of this journal is almost identical to our own flagship journal, The Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) while also mimicking the title of our Open Access journal Sexual Medicine.

We wish to stress these emails, despite the similarity of the journal title, are not referring to an official ISSM publication. Indeed, of great concern, it seems that the journal in question is quite possibly what is termed a predatory journal. Troublingly, the publisher of this supposed journal is listed on the Beall’s List as a “potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publisher”. The Beall’s List (www.scholarlyoa.com) is the most commonly referenced source of information on journals and publishers that seek payment to publish articles but then fail to provide industry standard peer review, indexing, archiving and production. Make no mistake: any article you publish in such a journal will never be considered a valid publication and indeed, publication, in such a journal may seriously undermine your reputation.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine is publishing an editorial written by Dr. Jason Roberts, our Managing Editor on what predatory journals are and how to spot them. We urge you to read it to understand the damage predatory journals do to authors and readers alike. It represents an informative read and can be found here.

To be clear, for any of the 3 ISSM journals, you will only ever receive manuscript solicitation or commission emails from the Editors-in-Chief or their editorial office team. As a reminder, the details are as follows:

The Journal of Sexual Medicine
Editor: Dr. John Mulhall
Deputy Editors: Dr. Andrea Salonia; Dr. Annamaria Giraldi
Editorial office staff: Dr. Jason Roberts, Denise Gibson, Donna Schena

Sexual Medicine (Open Access)
Editor: Dr. Kwangsung Park
Editorial office staff: Dr. Jason Roberts

Sexual Medicine Reviews
Editor: Dr. Irwin Goldstein
Editorial office staff: Sue Goldstein

If you have any questions or concerns, please do direct them to Jason Roberts at jsm@issm.info


Prof. Luca Incrocci, MD, PhD
President, ISSM

John Mulhall, MD
Editor, The Journal of Sexual Medicine

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