Update from the ISSM president

December 19, 2017

Dear members and colleagues of ISSM,

We are approaching the end of the year, one year full of activities for ISSM and in the field of sexual medicine in general.

I am glad to see so many committed members of ISSM and its affiliated societies to organize educational activities, courses, meetings in several parts of the world to promote sexual medicine.

  • The ESSM school of Sexual Medicine (Budapest, October 27-November 5) was again a huge success with 43 attendees from Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Australia, Middle East and South America. ISSM supported, same as in the previous years, 10 participants from less developed countries to attend the school.
  • The SASSM organized a course in Bangladesh (Dhaka, September 23-25) attended by 64 people (psychiatrists, dermatologists, urologists, endocrinologists and  gynecologists).
  • APSSM has organized a one-day crash course on sexual medicine during the VSSM (Vietnamese Society for Sexual Medicine, Vung Tau, November 25).
  • ISSM participated, through the Developing Countries Cte, in several meetings, such as PAUSA (Zimbabwe, March), SIU (Lisbon, October) and MESSM (September).

ISSM had a profitable year in 2016 but a more difficult year in 2017, due to the fact that we do not have a meeting in odd years. It remains a challenge to get sponsorship from companies, a common problem in most of the societies; our income depends on membership fees and the revenues from the ISSM Journals.

ISSM is developing a strategic plan with GLOBALSTRAT, which will define the target and achievements for the coming 4 years. The plan will be presented during the World Meeting in Lisbon, February 28th-March 3rd, 2018.

The World Meeting on Sexual Medicine, jointly organized with the ESSM, will offer a high level scientific programme, put together by Drs Hellstrom (ISSM) and Albersen (ESSM). We received 702 abstracts, the scientific Cte had a hard job to review them and choose the best ones to be presented.

At the Business Meeting in Lisbon elections for several positions in the ISSM Board of Directors will be held. It is for the first time in our history that we received a huge numbers of candidates for the positions of President Elect, Treasurer and 3 Members at Large. I encourage all the members to attend the business meeting (Friday March 2nd, 7.30-8.30 am) to vote for their preferred candidates. Please remember that to attend the business meeting you will need to renew your membership or become an ISSM member before February 1st, 2018.

The ISSM journals are doing well thanks to our committed Editors in Chiefs, whom I personally want to thank for their huge work: John Mulhall (Journal of Sexual Medicine), Irwin Goldstein (Sexual Medicine Reviews), Steve Wilson (Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology), Kwangsung Park (Sexual Medicine Open Access).

I want to take this occasion to thank all ISSM members for supporting the Society, and especially those of you participating and working hard serving in several ISSM Committees. Also a special thank to Status Plus, our executive office, for their guidance, help and precious advice.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and I look forward meeting many of you in Lisbon, Portugal, February 28th-March 3rd.

Prof. Luca Incrocci, MD PhD
ISSM President