Sexual Medicine accepted for inclusion in the Science Citation Index: Expanded (SCIE)

July 2, 2015

The editorial staff of Sexual Medicine is proud to announce that our journal has been accepted for inclusion in the Science Citation Index: Expanded (SCIE) from Thomson-Reuters. Sexual Medicine will receive its first Impact Factor in 2016. These are important benchmarks for any fledgling journal; establishing a presence in SCIE and being granted an Impact Factor signifies that the publishing world recognizes the quality of Sexual Medicine, the open access journal of the ISSM.

This honor is a credit to the authors who have entrusted us to publish their work, the reviewers and editors of the Sexual Medicine who have rigorously evaluated submissions for content and quality, and the ISSM for fostering this journal throughout its two and a half year history. Special thanks are warranted to the ISSM publications committee for their visionary work on this important process.

Sexual Medicine thanks you for your support; having established itself with an Impact Factor and indexing in SCIE we will continue to build on our track record of success. We look forward to your continued support!