Research Summaries

Research summaries from the International Society of Sexual Medicine.

    Weaker Masturbatory Erection May Be a Sign of Early CV Risk Associated with ED in Young Men

    Some young men have weaker masturbatory erections with no sexual intercourse (WME-NS). Many professionals believe ED in younger men is psychogenic and do not investigate other risk factors. This study aimed to determine whether underlying risk factors exist in men with WME-NS and whether such risk factors are similar to those of men with identified ED.

    Lack of Sexual Privacy Affects Psychological and Marital Domains of Male Sexual Dysfunction

    Insufficient privacy during sex is one of the most common issues that can interfere with a couple’s intimacy and sexual function. For example, lack of privacy may be an issue for young people who live with their parents or with roommates. It can also affect parents who have children at home. Assessments of sexual function do not usually include items on sexual privacy. This study examined the issue in a large sample of men who were consulting for sexual dysfunction.

    The Efficacy and Safety of Ospemifene in Treating Dyspareunia

    The present study is a meta-analysis focusing on the safety and efficacy of ospemifene to treat dyspareunia associated with postmenopausal vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA).