Call for nominations

May 13, 2014

Dear ISSM Member,

There will be an election for vacant positions in the ISSM Board of Directors at our next Business Meeting on Friday, 10th October 2014 from 17.00 till 18.30 hrs in the Transamérica, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The positions that are open for election in 2014 are:

  • President-Elect;
  • Treasurer; and
  • Three (3) Members-at-Large.

Any member in good standing may seek election for any of these vacant offices by presenting to the Secretary-General a petition for nomination signed by 20 full members of the Society. Please click here for the petition form.

For the purposes of the election process, separate faxes, or e-mails from the ISSM-registered e-mail address of the nominating members, will be accepted; a single document with 20 signatures is not required. This petition must be received by the Secretary General by 16th of July 2014 (at least 84 days before the biennial meeting).

Only candidates nominated by this process will be eligible for election; no nominations will be accepted after this date. In no circumstances will nominations from the floor be permitted at the Business Meeting. The vacant positions and election protocol are described in Article VII and VIII of the Bylaws (see

The Nominating Committee is empowered by our constitution to recommend one candidate for each available position. The committee, whose members have particular knowledge of the qualities required of candidates for these positions, will only make such recommendations to further the best interests of the Society; lobbying of committee members is not permitted. It is very important for all members to understand that they may vote for any properly nominated candidate and not just a candidate recommended by the Nominating Committee.

If you have any questions about the nomination and election process, please do not hesitate to contact the ISSM Executive Office.

Yours sincerely

Edgardo Becher
Immediate Past President
Chairman, ISSM Nominating Committee