ISSM Scholarships 2016

ISSM Scholarships 2016

10 scholarships available to the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine (14-23 October 2016, Budapest, Hungary)

The ESSM School of Sexual Medicine was a joint venture established by the European Society for Sexual Medicine and the European Federation of Sexology. The first “Oxford Course” was run in 2007; this year as in previous year, the ESSM will deliver a learning curriculum based upon the UEMS Joint Committee for Sexual Medicine syllabus and the EFS/ESSM Syllabus of Clinical Sexology.

The programme is intended for clinicians seeking to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for practice in Sexual Medicine and Clinical Sexology. Medically-qualified participants should find the programme helpful when preparing for the Fellowship of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine examination.

So far, over one hundred and fifty participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East and the Americas have taken part in the school programme; they include specialists in andrology, endocrinology, family medicine, gynaecology, internal medicine, psychiatry, urology, surgery, oncology and psychology. 
Participants will have the opportunity to learn the essentials of sexuality in both men and women that are necessary for effective clinical practice, even for those whose usual practice is exclusively with one gender.


ISSM Scholarships

The ISSM provides 10 scholarships of EUR 1950,-. The actual running cost of the complete Programme is more than EUR 3300,- per person, but it is part-subsidised by generous support from the European Society for Sexual Medicine. Hence, the registration fee for the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine 2016 is now EUR 1950,-. ISSM is offering 10 scholarships covering the full amount of the registration fee. The registration fee is inclusive of tuition fees, meals and accommodation.
ISSM scholars will need to pay for their own travel and any additional expenses; they will also be asked to provide ISSM with a short report, six months after their participation, on how the experience might have affected their professional lives.

We're pleased to announce the names of the ten individuals who have been awarded ISSM scholarships for their attendance:

  • José Antonio Arrús Soldi (Peru)
  • Christiana Omotola Ayandele (Nigeria)
  • Verónica Basso (Uruguay)
  • Tatiana Tognolli Bovolini (Brazil)
  • Fabio Castiglione (Italy)
  • Shaiful Bahari Ismail (Malaysia)
  • Mohammad Zillur Kamal (Bangladesh)
  • Mohammad Muntasir Maruf (Bangladesh)
  • Polash Roy (Bangladesh)
  • Juan Fernando Uribe Arcila (Colombia)

Congratulations to all the awardees!

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