Case Studies

Case Studies

Interesting Cases

    Gender Dysphoria

    I have a client, David, who is seeing me for relationship and sexual function issues.

    Post-Orgasmic Cognitive Symptoms

    Dr. John Dean presented a case of a man in his mid fifties complaining of lifelong transient loss of memory and irritability that occurs after every orgasm.

    Hodgkin’s Disease & ED

    I received the following inquiry by e-mail. I would be grateful for any thoughts about this case. Are there any other factors being overlooked, related to Hodgkin’s disease or its treatment, that might lead to ED.

    The Role Primary Care Physicians In The Management Of ED

    Aren’t we going too far in encouraging primary care physicians to treat ED patients?

    Post-Injection Pain & Induration

    Please, I need your help.  I have a 40 year old male who had excellent erections and some lifelong premature ejaculation - IELT 1-2 minutes - who responded to a radio advertisement by the Boston Medical Group which stated that they had a treatment better than Viagra that could allow men to have erections lasting 30-60 minutes.