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Young Men’s Sexual Activity Not Related to Height, Weight, Etc.

Young men’s frequency of intercourse does not appear to be affected by their “anthropometric parameters,” according to a team of Hungarian researchers.

FDA Announces Meeting on Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

FDA Announces Meeting on Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Erectile Dysfunction Common in Men with Gout

Men with gout are more likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED), according to American researchers. Blog

Exercise and Men’s Sexual Health

Would you be inspired to exercise more if we told you it could improve your sex life?

High Blood Pressure and Sexual Problems

Did you know that high blood pressure can cause problems in your sex life?

Sexual Health Among Bisexual Men

What are some of the sexual health challenges faced by bisexual men? Did You Know?

Sexual Health of Men in Military

Younger men in the U.S. military have higher rates of sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction (ED) than their civilian counterparts...

Relationship OCD

“Relationship OCD” can negatively impact sexual relationships.

Cycling and Female Sexual Health

Research pertaining to women, cycling, and sexual health is “inadequate” for making treatment and product recommendations, a team of experts says.