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Low Testosterone Associated with Osteopenia, Study Says

Men with low testosterone should be concerned about osteopenia, new research suggests.

Women Have Sex Less Frequently After Treatment For Gynecologic Cancer

After treatment for gynecologic cancer, women have sex less frequently, according scientists from the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Finasteride Linked to Sexual Problems in Men

Researchers have found that men who take finasteride may be at higher risk for erection problems when compared to men who take the drug tamsulosin. Blog

Neuropathy a Common Cause of ED

The medical term for nerve damage is neuropathy. The type of neuropathy associated with erectile dysfunction (ED) is called peripheral neuropathy.

Sleep and Women’s Sexual Health

A good night's sleep can boost a woman's libido the next day.

What Happens During Orgasm?

Orgasm is a complex, mysterious process. But that hasn’t stopped scientists from trying to learn as much as they can. Did You Know?

Removal of Parathyroid Glands Might Resolve Erectile Dysfunction

There could be a connection between erectile dysfunction (ED) and the parathyroid glands, researchers say.

Low Testosterone Could Be Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

Researchers have found a possible connection between low vitamin D levels and low testosterone in men.

Physical Resistance Training May Help Women With PCOS

Physical resistance training could improve sexual function for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).