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New Research on Adult-Onset Hypogonadism Provides “Conceptual Framework” for Healthcare Providers

A new literature review published today in Mayo Clinic Proceedings provides some insight into adult-onset hypogonadism (AOH), a condition in which middle-aged and older men have low levels of testosterone.

Surgeons Perform First Penis Transplant in the U.S.

The patient had had his penis amputated because of penile cancer, which was discovered after a work accident in 2012.

Anatomy Could Be a Key to Orgasm

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic and the Indiana University School of Medicine reviewed medical studies to see just how anatomy affected orgasms. Blog

Psoriasis and Sexuality

Psoriasis can affect a person’s sex life. There’s good news, however. With treatment, open communication, and some adjustments, people with psoriasis can enjoy satisfying sex lives.

Thyroid Disorders and Men’s Sexual Health

Certain thyroid disorders have been linked to sexual problems for men

Should Men Worry About Dry Orgasms?

Some men reach orgasm – and feel great pleasure from it – but do not ejaculate any semen at all. Did You Know?

High Testosterone Associated with Poor Pillow Talk

A new study by American researchers suggests that not everyone is cut out for pillow talk. In fact, people with higher testosterone levels aren’t always open to it.

Masturbation and Guilt Linked to Psychological Distress in Men

Feeling guilt after masturbation is “a relevant health issue” for men, according to a recent study in the journal Sexual Medicine.

Do Homophobes Experience Same-Sex Attraction?

In this study, the researchers measured men’s eye movements to learn more about same-sex attraction.