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Male Childhood Cancer Survivors May Face Sexual Problems, Infertility as Adults

When childhood cancer survivors enter adulthood, they may develop sexual issues caused by their cancer treatment.

Inhibition May Hinder Women’s Orgasms

Sexual inhibition can lead to orgasm issues in women, new research suggests.

Special Therapy Addresses Body Image in Breast Cancer Survivors

Researchers in Canada have developed a promising program that aims to help breast cancer survivors with body image. Blog

Communication, Sexual Self-Esteem Important for Women’s Orgasms

More results from a study about women's orgasms: partners, communication, self-esteem, multiple orgasms, and more.

With Technology, Sex Has Come a Long Way

Last year, a survey by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and women’s health app Clue revealed some of the many ways that people around the world use technology to find partners, get sexual health information, and track their sex lives.

How Do Women Feel About Orgasms?

Women’s orgasms can be mystifying. But that doesn’t stop researchers from learning more about them, even to the point of asking volunteers to pleasure themselves in an MRI machine for scientific study. Did You Know?

How Do Alcohol, Marijuana, and Ecstasy Affect the Sex Lives of Young Adults?

Alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy (also called MDMA and Molly) can have different sexual effects on young men and women, new research suggests.

Transgender Adolescents and Body Changes

A recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine explored body composition and shape in transgender adolescents.

Small Study Links Ibuprofen to Testosterone Issues

Men who take over-the-counter ibuprofen might develop problems with testosterone production, according to a small study. In particular, ibuprofen may affect the “pituitary-testis axis,” a system that involves the pituitary gland in the brain and a man’s testes.