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Drug Found to Clear Genital Psoriasis in Most Patients

A drug called ixekizumab might improve the sex lives of people suffering from genital psoriasis.

For Breast Cancer Survivors, Sexual Concerns May Last Years

For breast cancer survivors, sexual problems related to treatment may last for several years, according to a recent study in BMC Cancer.

Poor Health and Lack of Communication Related to Low Sexual Interest, Study Says

Why might people lose interest in sex? Recently, scientists provided their insights in the journal BMJ Open, and their findings differed somewhat for British men and women. Blog

The Effects of Cancer on Women’s Sexuality

In August 2017, the European Journal of Cancer Care published a comprehensive review by Canadian researchers that involved over 100 medical studies concerning women, cancer, and sexual health. The authors delved into the physical and psychological aspects of cancer that can affect sexuality.

Enjoying Intimacy Despite Sexual Pain and Discomfort

What can couples do to stay intimate without pain? Here are some ideas...

How Does Cancer Affect Men’s Sexual Health?

Higher cancer survival rates are good news. But with that good news comes adjustments. For sexual relationships, there can be challenges. In fact, of those 15 million people mentioned above, about 46% have sexual problems due either to cancer or the treatment of cancer. Did You Know?

Some Men Remove Condoms Without Partner’s Consent

“Stealthing” – the removal of a condom without a partner’s consent - is a growing concern that leaves victims feeling betrayed, anxious, and violated.

Aquablation Studied as Enlarged Prostate Treatment

Men with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) - an enlarged prostate - may eventually have a new treatment option.

How Many Women Have HSDD?

Large studies suggest that between 10% and 15% of women are affected by low libido with distress. But research published in 2012 found at prevalence rate of 7.4%.