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Study Examines Body Esteem in Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

A new study examines how body esteem influenced feelings about sex in women with and without a history of childhood sexual abuse.

Survey Addresses Patients’ Views on Sexual Health

How important is sexual health and satisfaction to a person’s quality of life? The answer depends on age, gender, sexual activity status, and overall health, according to a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Can Disclosing a Sexual Assault Help a Woman’s Sexual Functioning?

It’s not uncommon for women to have sexual problems after a sexual assault. However, new research suggests disclosing the assault to someone might alleviate those problems to some extent. Blog

Manage Diabetes for Better Sexual Health

Many people don’t realize that diabetes can have a serious effect on sexual health. There’s a lot to learn about diabetes and sexual health and we’re here to help.

New FDA Testosterone Labeling Rules: What Should Men Know?

On October 25, 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced new rules regarding the labeling of testosterone products. Manufacturers must now warn consumers about the risk of abuse.

Sex and Anxiety

Everyday anxieties – and more formally diagnosed anxiety disorders - can have an impact on our sexual function. Did You Know?

Cancer Patients and Doctors Don’t Always Discuss Sexual Health

Unfortunately, sexual health is not always a discussion topic between healthcare providers and cancer patients.

Light Therapy Might Boost Testosterone and Sexual Satisfaction in Men

Sitting by a light box might increase a man’s testosterone levels and, in turn, his sexual satisfaction, according to new research.

Younger Women May Have Sexual Problems After Heart Attack

In the first year after a heart attack, younger women tend to have more sexual problems than men do, according to scientists from the University of Chicago.