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Banned Ingredients Still Found in FDA-Recalled Products

Products that have been recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may still include banned ingredients, even six months after the recall...

Size and Location of Clitoris May Affect Orgasm

Anorgasmia – the inability to achieve orgasm – is a complicated condition. And for some women, the size and location of their clitoris might contribute to the problem.

Depression Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Depression may play a bigger role in erectile dysfunction (ED) than testosterone levels, according to a recent study. Blog

Ospemifene May Ease Menopause Symptoms Beyond Painful Intercourse

Study results suggest that ospemifene might relieve other menopausal symptoms beyond painful intercourse.

Women’s Sexual Health on

You can find links to our articles on a number of female sex health topics, including pregnancy, aging, diabetes, cancer, pain, and low desire.

Sex for Women After 50

Let’s take a look at some of the sexual issues often faced by women after 50... Did You Know?

Men, Women, and Sexual Desire

Men and women want different things when they want sex, according to a study.

Women and Testosterone Therapy

Androgen therapy is not appropriate for healthy women, experts from five medical societies report.

Men’s Testes Size and Parental Involvement

Men who are more involved with parenting their toddlers tend to have smaller testes, according to a team of anthropologists from Emory University.