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Americans Are Having Less Sex Nowadays

A new study has found that Americans are having less sex than they did two decades ago. And partnered people – those who are married or living together - have seen a significant decline in sexual frequency.

BPH Drugs Associated with Higher Risk of Depression and Self-Harm but Not Suicide

Men who take certain medications for an enlarged prostate could be at higher risk for depression and self-harm. However, they are not at higher risk for suicide, according to new research.

Past Childhood Experiences Could Influence Sexual Satisfaction in Adulthood

Many sex therapy patients work through past childhood sexual abuse. But can other childhood experiences add to sexual problems? Blog

Health Benefits of Sex

Good sexual health is part of good overall health. That’s a fact we consider often here at But have you ever wondered just how having sex is good for your health?

Smartphone Apps with a Sex Health Focus

Why would people want to use a sex health app? Convenience is one reason. Privacy is another reason, although one that must be considered carefully.

Sex and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD can affect sex and relationships, both physically and emotionally. However, with some adjustments, patients and partners can still enjoy satisfying sex. Did You Know?

What Is It About Sex That Makes People Feel Happy?

What is it about sex that makes people feel happy? It’s not necessarily just the physical feelings and sense of release, according to new research.

Too Much Endurance Exercise Might Not Be Not Good for Male Libido

New research reports that the intensity of a workout and the amount of time spent exercising might negatively affect a man’s libido.

How Do Childhood Cancers Affect Adults’ Sexual Health?

For the most part, adult survivors of childhood cancers are satisfied with their sex lives and romantic relationships, according to new research.