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For Certain Men, Testosterone Therapy Might Be Good for the Heart

Testosterone replacement therapy might reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in older men with both low testosterone and coronary artery disease, a new study finds.

Operative Vaginal Delivery Could Be Linked to Sexual Problems for New Mothers

Women who give birth by operative vaginal delivery are more likely to develop sexual problems after birth, a new study suggests.

Study: Daily Testosterone Gel Might Boost Low Levels, Improve Sex Drive

Topical testosterone, applied daily on the skin, could help bring low testosterone levels in men back to a normal range. Blog

Thyroid Disorders and Men’s Sexual Health

Certain thyroid disorders have been linked to sexual problems for men

Should Men Worry About Dry Orgasms?

Some men reach orgasm – and feel great pleasure from it – but do not ejaculate any semen at all.

Are Men Satisfied with Penile Implants?

Overall, 79% of the men were “fairly” or “very” satisfied. The main reasons they gave were... Did You Know?

Do Homophobes Experience Same-Sex Attraction?

In this study, the researchers measured men’s eye movements to learn more about same-sex attraction.

Is Frequent Porn Use a Problem?

Does quantity of porn use make it a problem? Or is there more to the issue than that?

Medications for BPH: Are Two Drugs Better Than One?

Research has shown that combination therapy is more effective than using only one drug for treating BPH, but...