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Women’s Desire, Arousal Improved by Sleep

Good sleep is important for a woman’s sexual health, American scientists have found.

Testosterone Coupons Not Always a Good Idea

Men who are considering using a coupon or voucher to pay for testosterone therapy may want to think twice.

New Studies Show No Link Between Testosterone Therapy and Heart Problems

Four new studies have found no relationship between testosterone therapy and heart health. Blog

Exercise for Better Erections

What if we told you exercise could improve your erections?

A Man’s Penis Changes with Age

Men might be surprised to learn that their penis and testicles change with age.

First Visit With the Gynecologist

Gynecologists specialize in women’s health. So there are many reasons to see one. Did You Know?

Hormone Therapy is Safe for Transgender Adults, Experts Say

Transgender individuals may safely undergo hormone therapy, as long they are under a doctor’s care.

Sexual Problems after Vaginal and Caesarian Births

Women often have sexual problems after childbirth, no matter if they deliver vaginally or by Caesarian section, according to a new study.

So Far, First Penis Transplant is a Success

Surgeons in South Africa have performed the world’s first penis transplant.